Dress Code

Student appearance should enhance the spiritual, social, and academic atmosphere at Agape Christian Academy.  Furthermore, it is the desire of the school to create an environment of scholarship and mutual respect among our students.  We believe that God’s Word teaches us to dress modestly in such a manner as not to cause anyone to stumble and not become conformed to the styles and trends of the world.  One’s appearance makes a visible statement about one’s faith and as a result we desire to do all things to the glory of God (I Cor 10:31). 

Parents, please note that our apparel has been prayerfully selected to eliminate distractions and promote learning.  We understand that God has given parents the primary responsibility for the nurture and admonition of their children.  The investment that you have made in teaching your children about appropriate dress will be reinforced at Agape Christian Academy. Student privileges carry responsibilities so please take great care in adhering to our dress code.  With this in mind, we have established standards for dress and appearance for our school.  The purpose of our dress code is neither to work a hardship on the students or parents, nor to deny the dictates of individual conscience.  We believe that the best way to establish a consistent appearance for our students is through uniform-like standards for dress.  The following guidelines are intended to promote appropriate apparel and grooming habits that will not be a distraction in the classroom.  We believe our dress code serves as a guide for our students to develop God-consciousness in their personal habits of dress.

The Academy will have examples of the recommended clothing for the parents to view. This apparel can be purchased at any store. On occasion, the Administration may deem a “no uniform” day which will allow students to wear clothing that deviates from this dress code. Those days will be announced in advance to students and parents along with guidelines for dress.

Every student’s dress affects the atmosphere of the entire school, academic achievement, student attitude and behavior.  The Bible says that all young people should be an example of the believers… I Tim 4:12.  Our dress code is an effort to reinforce this expectation from God.  By choosing to send your son or daughter to Agape Christian Academy, parents are expected to work with the staff to maintain neatly dressed and well-groomed students out of respect for our Lord.  We expect parents to work with the staff to maintain the dress code; it is important to teach our young people to respect authority. 

The following Dress Code Guide is a student appearance chart for young men and women. In accordance with article 12 of Agape’s Statement of Faith, boys and young men will dress in accordance with the standards for boys and young men, and girls and young women will dress in accordance with the standards for girls and young women.   All students’ clothing items must conform to the style and color standards. Be careful to choose a modest, loose-fitting, attire size in all garments. While we have taken care to set precise standards, no list of standards can cover every possibility.  We realize that whenever appearance standards are implemented, there will be unforeseen circumstances. In light of this, the Administration will make the final decision concerning student appearance compliance should specific issues arise. Any issues involving questionable clothing or appearance will be handled at the discretion of the Campus Administrator. When in doubt about a garment, it is suggested that you bring it to the Campus Administrator for approval.

Dress Code Guide

Effective August 2023