Philosophy of Education

We seek to be a Christian school by teaching from a biblical worldview.  We believe that the Bible is the written Word of God, the truth by which the Holy Spirit enlightens our understanding of God, our world and ourselves.  All of life, including the studies and disciplines in which our students are engaged, are governed directed by the authority of the Scriptures.

Small Class Size

Each of our classes will ideally have 10-15 students.  We believe small classes help us meet the varied needs of children as they grow and develop.  With small classes children can be known according to their gifts, abilities, areas of challenge. learning styles and temperament. Small classes also enable the teacher to genuinely care for and be involved with each child and family.

Chapel Service and Prayer

We believe that having a regular chapel service and integrating prayer as a part of the school day are both important to the spiritual growth of the students. The staff regularly pray for the needs of the school and each child and his or her family.